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Yesterday when I arrived home from work, I checked the front door to see if any packages were left (as I routinely do now). Sure enough, there was another package from Macy’s. When I turned back around, I found a subpoena stuck to the door. It was a subpoena for a witness in a criminal case. It was not for Kelly or I, but for one of the previous residents of the unit. (We still get some of his mail occasionally, and although we diligently write, “No longer at this address” and dump it back in the mail, like a boomerang, it seems to come back to us.)

I’m not sure what to do with the subpoena, however. First, one would think that Arlington County would do a little more research before sticking a piece of paper on the door of the last known address. Like, confirm the person still lives there. There is a phone number you can call listed on the subpoena, but from what I can tell, you are only supposed to call it if you need the court to browbeat your employer into not firing you because you have to show up in court.

In boldface at the bottom is the warning that failure to appear can result in jail time. I don’t want this poor fellow to end up in jail. I’m thinking if I bring the thing to the rental office, the people there would have a forwarding address on file and could send it along to him. Does that seem reasonable?

DMV, redux

I headed over the to DMV this afternoon in order to complete the last two steps of my conversion to Virginia resident: title and register my car. Last time it took about 30 minutes. This time it was about the same. I had everything I needed, my old title from Maryland, my emissions papers, my safety inspection paper. I filled out the application and got it almost all right the first time. (They ask how much you paid for your car. Since I bought the car new back in October 1996, I couldn’t recall exactly and didn’t have my diary in front of me. Turns out I guessed right. They also ask for “Fuel Type” and I put “unleaded”. I was supposed to put “gas” (as opposed to Diesel). I signed up for a 2 year registration, which gives you a slight discount.

I was surprised by two things: (1) I got my plates immediately and (2) I got my new title immediately. When I moved to Maryland 6 years ago, both were mailed to me, the title well after I submitted it to the Maryland MVA. I suppose processes have improved in the last 6 years.

When I got back from the DMV, I put the new plates on the car, along with the registration stickers, and put my new registration paperwork in the glove compartment. The title went back into the safe.

And so that it done. I am a Virginia resident. My car is registered, I have a Virginia license plate and am registered to vote in the state.

And in a little while, I’ll be leaving the state, and crossing into the District in order to play softball this evening.

A Virginia resident

The trip to the DMV was quick and uneventful. I was in and out in 30 minute, and when I came out, I had a Virginia driver’s license. They have a pretty streamlined and efficient system overall. First you get a number. When your number is called, you head off to the window, present your paperwork and pay the fee ($38 for me). You then go to get your picture taken and a few minutes later, they produce your license. I had to take a vision test, but that was easy. I read the letters off so fast that the guy just said, “Uh, good.”

I spent the rest of the late afternoon getting the office set up. I finally upgraded by iPhone to the new software, and downloaded a few applications. One of them is called iBeer, which I think strausmouse would find amusing. When Kelly got home from work, I helped replace the brake light on the back of her car.

We had our first real meal in the new place. I made ravioli tonight, with a spicy pasta sauce. It was good!

After dinner we went for a walk. I spoke to Doug for a while this evening. Also talked to Dad. Found out that Ivan Rodriguez was traded to the Yanks today.

The place is a really shaping up. I took a few pictures tonight and I will post some tomorrow.

Braving the Virgina DMV

Later today, I plan on braving the Virginia DMV in order to obtain a Virigina Driver’s license. I was looking through what I needed to bring with me in order to speed the process. I don’t really remember what I needed for Maryland, but Virginia wants to make sure you are who you say you are. No joke:

1. You need primary proof of identity. My Maryland drivers license (or passport) fits this bill.

2. You need secondary proof of identify. My U.S. pilot’s license fits this bill. (I keep it with me and it’s easier to present than, say, a certified copy of my school transcripts, which is one of the secondary items on the list.)

3. You need proof of legal presence. My passport works here, since I’m using my driver’s license for #1.

4. Proof of Virginia residency. Since my address hasn’t been updated in payroll yet, I can’t use a paystub. I’m stuck using a recent bank statement, which has my name and my new address.

5. (Yes, that’s right, 5 things!) Proof of social security number. My social security card works for this.

Once nice thing about the website is that it tells you average wait times for times of days and days of weeks. Since this is the middle of the week, wait times tend to be lower (20 minutes, etc.) After work, armed with these 5 items, I will attempt to obtain my license. I’ll let you know how it goes.