A minor grumble about the local post office

Over where I work, there is a Post Office conveniently just a few blocks away. When I went there in March to mail off an manuscript overseas (since rejected) there was a sign saying that the post office would be moving to a new location in April. The address for the new location was 1301 Fern St. in Arlington, VA. So today, being the 4th week in May, I headed over to the post office to mail some books to my friend Michael Burstein, and figured I’d save myself some time by going to the new post office. And bonus! The address is even closer to where I work. I checked on the Post Office website just to make sure of the address. Indeed, the new address shows up as the closest and the old address is not even listed. So off I went in the muggy, but windy weather to the post office. I figured it would take just a few minutes.

But I couldn’t find the address. Anywhere.

It was like it didn’t exist. I grew increasingly frustrated, walking all over creation while rain seemed to threaten and finally, I decided to apply a principle I learned when I became a pilot: get out of the rut and return to a familiar location. I decided to walk to the old post office, figuring they’d have the new address posted and that perhaps the post office website (ironically) had the address wrong.

Folks, it’s even better than that.

When I arrived at the old location, I found to my surprise that the post office was open. The sign indicated that it would be moving in “mid-May” but I’m certain it had said April. When I spoke to someone there, they said it was supposed to have moved, but was delayed. But guess what, no one told the Post Office, which thinks this office doesn’t exist and the new office does.

Well, at least I got the package in the mail.



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