30 day song challenge, day 29: a song from your childhood

I’m not quite sure how I missed yesterday. I was doing so well and then I woke up this morning to realize that I never posted day 29 yesterday. Not much I can do about that now, other than post day 29 and day 30 today. So you get two for the price of one. First, day 29, which is “a song from your childhood”.

There are many songs from my childhood, but one in particular stands out if only for having a mildly amusing story to go along with it. That song is:

Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell.

I’ve always had the ability to hear and song and pick up the tune and lyrics pretty quickly, even when I didn’t know what the lyrics meant. For some reason, when I was quite young, five or six years old I’m guessing, I heard this song and it stuck with me, and for a while, I’d sing it wherever I went. It got to the point where my parents would ask me to perform on queue for various extended family and friends and I would oblige them, all smiles and volubility. Looking back on it I’m terribly embarrassed, but so long as everyone else thought it was adorable I suppose I can live with it.

What I think is more amusing is what I thought the sound was about. I didn’t know what a “rhinestone” was, but I knew what a “stone” was and I also knew what a cowboy was. (What six year-old boy doesn’t?) When I would go around singing the song, I imagined I was singing about a cowboy made of some kind of stone. Perhaps even limestone (since that rhymes with rhinestone). I never quite understood the appeal of a limestone cowboy, but I also never questioned the veracity of song lyrics at that age. The world was the way the world was. Still, hearing that song always reminds me of my six year-old self, playing in the backyard of our house in Somerset, New Jersey, and that’s a pretty nice memory right there, limestone or not.


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