Feelin’ Love

I mentioned last week how I caught City of Angels on HBO. I like the music from the movie and went to Apple Music store shortly thereafter to see if they had the soundtrack. They didn’t. However, I was able to find all but three of the songs, so I put together a playlist that is an abridged version of the soundtrack.

I’ve been listening to it on and off this week because it’s mostly calming and I could use some of that, given how busy work is. Now, I have this talent, ability, call it what you will, where I can hear a song once and pretty much remember all of the lyrics of the song. The process is completely subconscious and completely out of my control. But I’ve always been able to do it.

Sometimes, I don’t even pay attention and still absorb the lyrics through osmosis. That happened this weekend. One of the songs is Paula Cole’s “Feelin’ Love”. While writing this weekend, I was listening to my soundtrack and heard that song a couple of times but paid no attention.

Then, yesterday, while I was in the shower, I noticed I was mumbling the song to myself. (I am, as those of you familiar with this blog will recall, an inveterate shower singer.) I got to one of the lines in the song and heard myself singing it, and couldn’t believe what I was singing. While I had absorbed the lyrics perfectly, I never actually listened to them until singing them in the shower. Whole Holy* cow! Those of you familiar with the song will know what I’m talking about. Them’s some of the most erotic lyrics I’ve heard in a long time! For those of you unfamiliar with the song, check them out. (Warning: while there are no explicit words used, these are some steamy verses…)

If memory serves me correctly, this song plays in the scene of the movie when Meg Ryan is in the bathtub.

Okay, it’s hot in here now.

* Thanks to strausmouse who has made it his second career catching all of my egregious, and often humorous, typos. What’re friends for!


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