Funny, alternate reality, song lyrics

Sometimes, I mis-hear a song lyric intentionally because it sounds funnier the way I hear it, instead of the way it is sung. For example, just now, I was listening to my 80s playlist and Paul Yound’s “Every Time You Go Away” was playing. Don’t worry you’d know it if you heard it. Anyway, the chorus of the song goes, “Every time you go away/you take a piece of me with you.” However, I like to imagine him singing, “Every time you go away/you take a piece of meat with you”. For one thing, it changes the character of the song. Instead of a melancholy 80s love song, it becomes a song about an annoying,k carnivorous neighbor. And the difference between “me” and “meat” is so subtle, that I can almost hear him singing “meat” when I listen to the song. I can’t hear that song without laughing. I do the same thing with Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al,” pretending my cat is singing, “You can call meow!”

So, what other songs out there can be made hysterical by just slightly altering a word in the chorus?


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