30 day song challenge, day 17: a song you hear often on the radio

For many, many years I didn’t listen to the radio. Mostly it was because I couldn’t stand the DJs banter or the commercials. When we got our new car in November, it came with SiriusXM Satellite radio. Since then, I’ve pretty much been hooked on the 80s on 8 station. The DJs are all good (they are the original MTV VJs), the music is good, and of course, there are no commercials.

They play a pretty good variety of 80s music, but there is only so much music produced in the 80s that falls into that genre and like any radio station, it seems to me that I hear some songs more often than others. One song that I seem to hear at least a couple times of the week is the iconic 1980s song from The Breakfast Club:

Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds

For many, many years, just hearing this song would transport me back to those dark days of 7th grade, when hormones where flooding my veins and every day seemed dreary and gray. In fact, it was remarkable how quickly that song could transport me there, change my mood, and make me thankful that those days are long in the past.

Now, I’ve heard the song way too many times for it to have the same effect.


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