30 day song challenge, day 13: a song that is a guilty pleasure

I listen to Sirius XM radio’s 80s on 8 station fairly constantly these days. I love that it has MTVs original VJs as the DJs and the music of course is my equivalent of an earlier generation’s 50s music: it is the music that I grew up with. I was listening to it one day a few months back and heard a song that I probably hadn’t heard since I first saw the video on MTV way back in the early 80s. I immediately purchased the song from iTunes and when the mood so strikes me, I will occasionally play it over and over and over again until said mood passes. It is most certainly a “guilty pleasure” song, although more pleasure than guilty. The song?

On the Loose by Saga.

Man, I can remember watching this video at my grandparent’s house. It’s got that almost 80s action TV show interlude in the middle, followed by keyboard action. And my 9 or 10- year-old self thought it was so cool that they escaped and ended up at the concert at which Saga was playing.

I don’t listen to this song often, but I have so much fun when I do.


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