Post-rollout evening

I was in the office at 7am this morning (yes, a Saturday) and began working through my 7-page checklist to get this long-awaited server consolidation rolled out. It took 8 hours (minus one hour for lunch) to get the whole thing done, but so far, it looks to be successful. There were no major gotchas along the way, which is pretty rare, but there is still time, and folks won’t really start working in the new environment until Monday. Meanwhile, I am cautiously optimistic. I had a lot of help from folks like Amy and Monica and Casey (who bought me lunch!) and they deserve some credit as well. I’m hoping by Tuesday or so most of the stress from this project will be behind me and life will begin returning to normal.

I got home at 3pm and the Little Man was waiting at the door for me. We hung out for a few minutes and then he and Kelly went for a walk while I went upstairs to catch up on some sleep. I managed to get 90 minutes or so.

Kelly went out with the girls tonight so the Little Man and I hung out together. He wanted to see more spaceships so we watched the first 30 minutes or so of the most recent Star Trek movie and he seemed really into it. But then it was his bedtime and for a wonder, he went down pretty easily. I’m wrapping up a few loose ends and then I am heading upstairs myself. Going to try to get in some reading before bed.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and we are all heading up to Baltimore so that the Little Man can take a ride on Thomas the Train. I’m sure I will have more to report on that tomorrow. In the meantime, let me wish all the Mom’s out there a happy day tomorrow! You are miracle-workers, each and every one of you!


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