My day at home with the Little Man

The Little Man has been sick the last few days. I can remember when he was a little baby and each sniffle was cause for minor alarm. Now, fevers of 103 don’t cause particular concern. Even his school won’t send him home until his fever nudges above 101. Kelly stayed home with him yesterday and I was on duty today. I didn’t even pretend that I’d be able to work from home. I took a sick day.

He spent much of the morning relaxing, watching the Disney Channel, and tolerating me as I ran about the house taking lots of pictures of myself for an earlier blog post.

At noon, we sat together at the kitchen table and ate our respective lunches. (I’d packed my lunch last night, just in case the Little Man was well enough to go to school.) The Little Man had a sliced up hot dog and bananas. I had peanut butter and jelly. For dessert, we shared Oreo cookies. It was fun having lunch together, just him and me.

After lunch we went upstairs for nap time. The Little Man napped his heart out. He must have been tired. He slept almost 3 hours. I spent much of that time reading. (Nancy Kress’s “The Mountain to Mohammed”, Robert Silverberg’s “A Long Night’s Vigil at the Temple”, and the various nonfiction columns in the March 2012 Asimov’s.) I should have also been doing my daily Golden Age reading, but I ended up too engrossed in the Silverberg story.

I haven’t done any new writing yet today, but I hope to get some done this evening. Kelly and the Little Miss should be home soon. The Little Man will be happy to see them.

There is a homeowner association meeting tonight, but I’m going to pass this time. I’ve been to nearly every meeting. Often I’m the only non-board member there. I deserve a night off.


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