We are all under the weather. On Tuesday, the Little Miss’s daycare called to tell us that she was throwing up all morning and probably has a virus. I left the office at 2:30 to pick her up. When I arrived there she was a happy little girl. She hasn’t thrown up since. To be safe, we called the doctor and they said to bring her in. They gave us a 3:45pm appointment. The doctor, fortunately, is just down the street from our house and I was there with the Little Miss at 3:35. A nurse took us into an exam room where we proceeded to wait a little over an hour for the doctor to come in. The Little Miss did a great job, considering the circumstance. She handled it far better than I did, I’m afraid. The doctor checked out the Little Miss and everything was normal. Go figure.

The Little Man had been sick the week before, runny nose, cough, and an occasional fever. He’d stayed home from school a couple of days last week. He’s been better since although the runny nose and cough have lingered. Kelly began to feel yucky a few days ago and I began feeling it yesterday. I woke up this morning (in the bleary darkness, to the Little Man’s voluble voice saying, “Daddy, need to go make a pee-pee in the potty.”) feeling mostly awful. But I’m so far behind in project work for the month that I had no choice but to come into the office and try to catch up.

I added 700 words to the novella yesterday and it was like pulling teeth. Each one of those 700 words is in the wrong place but I’m not going to worry about it now. I did manage to get out to the writers group last night. I wrote another 100 words or so while I was there but it was on a different story and it was so miserably bad I’m not even going to count it.

I made my second story submission for 2012 on Tuesday. That was story #2. Still need to work on the third draft of story #1. A pretty major rewrite, and I considered starting it yesterday but there was no time.

And I’m about 100 pages into A Feast For Crows.


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