Prelude to the Big Rollout

Much of the last several months at the day job have been spent working on a project to consolidate an abstract a fairly large group of servers and applications. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but it has been a challenging project and a fun one to work on. But as the rollout approaches, the projects always grow less fun. As you can probably tell I’ve been putting in a lot of time on this and this weekend is the big rollout. I have a 7-page long list of tasks to run through beginning at 7am tomorrow morning, but if I have planned this well, it should go smoothly. I hope so, anyway. Rollouts rarely seem to go smoothly for me, but we’ll see.

The long hours mean I’ve seen less of the Little Man and Kelly than I’d like. That hit home today when I met them at the park after work and the Little Man came running happily toward me shouting, “Daddy! Daddy!” When it was time to leave, I had to go separately because we’d come in different cars and the poor Little Man had a melt-down because he thought his Daddy was leaving him again. (Like I left him to go to L.A. last week.) Of course, I will have to leave him again tomorrow. I plan on being in the office at 7am for this rollout tomorrow and I have no idea when I will be back home

My days have been one endless stream of work, one way or another. They have been blurring together and this week in particular I’ve been in a pretty foul mood. I feel like I could use six months off just to get back on my game. I’ll get exactly one day: Sunday. Then it’s back to the routine, continuing on with my two other big projects and starting up yet a third. I have written almost no fiction in a month (with one small exception), and I really feel off my game. Hopefully this rollout will be a success and things will start to improve afterward.

I am looking forward to two small reprieves this evening: the second-to-last episode of Smallville, which I plan to watch in realtime for a change. And reading more of Game of Thrones, about which I will have more to say shortly.


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