Aborted rollout and other things keeping me busy

Last weekend was supposed to be a big milestone. We were finally rolling out some software we’d been working on for nearly a year. Unfortunately, late in the day Saturday, we ran into problems that forced us to abort the rollout. We are now scheduled to rollout next weekend (Valentine’s Day, actually). In the meantime, I have been having these really long days trying to work with the vendor and address the issues that prevented us from rolling out in the first place. Here is what a typical day has looked for me this week, according to RescueTime:


12 hours days with an 80+ productivity pulse for most of the week has been draining me. My writing is down for most of the week, although my streak remains unbroken.

Fortunately, we are getting away this weekend, to a resort in western Virginia to celebrate a friend’s birthday. My workday ends at noon today and I’ll have a few days to relax.

I’ve got 3 new Going Paperless posts planned for the coming weeks, and putting those together have been keeping me busy as well.

Anyway, just a quick note here to say that I’m still busy, and haven’t been as active here as I like to be. I’m hoping that this unusual level of activity will end soon, and things will get back to normal.


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