Out of the past

I woke up this morning to find an email from a computer teacher I had in 9th grade back at George K. Porter Middle School (back when it was George K. Porter Junior High School). He has recently retired and he’s been in touch with my friend Noah and it was through Noah that he got back in touch with me. I replied to his email first thing this morning.

Afterward, I went to Porter’s website and scanned through the faculty to see if there was anyone else I recognized. There were one or two, but almost no one else remains there, 19-1/2 years later. No Mr. Follette, no Mrs. Davis, no Senor Apodaca. I thought I recognized Mr. Hill, but I’m not sure what I had him for.

When I looked under “electives”, I saw there was a link for a web development class, but clicking on the link involves all kinds of irony.


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