I desperately want an Obama victory…but at what cost?

I just got a call from the Obama for America campaign.  They were looking for donations for their Get Out the Vote effort.  I gave money during the primary, and today, I gave money to the campaign itself.  I was happy to do so.

However, I’ve got to say that I was rather surprised by how the phone person ripped and ragged on Republicans.  She spoke of Republicans as "them" and not in a good way.  It brought to mind references to "We don’t take their kind here."  Now, I’m a life-long Democrat, but I don’t think Republicans are evil.  I don’t believe they are trying to destroy the world.  We may have differing view points, but it’s no different then having a difference of opinion with your friend or your sibling.  You certainly don’t hate because of a difference of opinion (in most cases).  I was pretty disturbed and I wonder whether the Big Wigs in the Obama for America campaign are aware this is going on.  I’d be really surprised if they were okay with it.

The other thing she did was use mild scare tactics.  I laughed at these, but after I’d made my donation, and after she’d gone through her schpeal, and was telling me to help someone to the polls on election day who would other wise have trouble getting there, she concluded by saying, "Oh, and if see any Republicans on the way, try and hit a puddle and soak them all so that they melt."

I’m desperately hoping Obama wins this election.  But does it have to be so dirty?


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