It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday

It was another productive day at work today.  Rainy, too.  It was also Kelly’s flex day so she had the whole day off and was able to sleep in (until 8:30!!).

I started reading The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi today.

We mostly relaxed in the evening.  I lazily watched an episode of Entourage while Kelly was at the gym.  Later in the evening we watched an episode of the The Office (season 4).  I was pretty tired so I went up to bed pretty early, but I read until around 9:30.  I don’t even remember when Kelly came to bed.

We have a bunch of errands to do this morning and then Kelly and Sarah are going to Annapolis to do a hair/makeup trial run for the wedding (which is a mere 28 days from today!)  I’m going to try and make progress on my workshop story, and maybe do a little reading as well.


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