Writing and reading

Jim Gunn, instructor for the writing workshop, gave us his critiques of our first scenes last night, and he had some good insights into mine, as did everyone else in the group.  I started the scene too early in the story.  After reading through everyone else’s comments, I sat down for a little over an hour last night and began rewriting the first scene.  I did about 650 words, working slowly and deliberately, while Kelly was hanging out with a friend.  I started from where Jim suggested the story start.  I’m still not sure if it starts quickly enough–or if I am giving too much information too fast, but overall I was pretty happy with what I wrote.

After I finished, I headed to the gym (at 9 PM!) and did 30 minutes of cardio.  I managed to hit a good stride partway through, at about 8.8. MPH on the elliptical.  Everything felt really smooth, and I think it was a good workout.

Watched Obama’s acceptance speech and then headed off to bed.  I’m about 170 pages through Old Man’s War and really enjoying it.


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