Workshop progress

Another good night’s sleep last night.  That’s two nights in a row!  Tonight, we head up to NJ and then tomorrow, we are in New York City for the second-to-last game at Yankee stadium.

Despite the busyness at work, and the various wedding-related items (only 3 weeks away!), I am pleased with the progress I’ve made on the workshop story.  The story currently stands at 4,100 words, and I managed to do about 1,800 words this week.  Given where I am in the story, I would expect the story to end being close to 10,000 words, but we’ll see.  I read through what I had this morning, and although there are places where some cleanup is required, I think the first 4,000 words read fairly well.  I can already see where the workshop is helping.  It’s difficult for me to identify problems in my own stories, but I’m learning.  I question every scene that I write, I ask what it is adding to the story, if the dialog is relevant, if the story is moving the reader along.  So far, I think it is.

I’ve got another busy day on the books today, but I’ve got 4 hours to kill on the drive up to NJ this evening, so I may be able to sneak in some writing.  I’m not sure I’ll have another chance until Sunday, but I’m eager to write, the ideas are flowing easy now, and writer’s have to take advantage of those opportunities.


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