First draft of the workshop story is done!

In what is by far my best marathon writing session of the entire year, I have as of two minutes ago, finished the first draft of my workshop story.  I just finished 4,100 words in a single writing session.  For my non-writer friends that’s the equivalent of about 20 manuscript pages.  It took me four hours which puts my pace at roughly 1,000 words per hour.

So far, I’m pleased with what I wrote.  It’s not quite the same story I started out to write.  It took on a life of it’s own, but I’m pleased with it nonetheless and I’m eager to find out what the workshop folks have to say about it.

So, in first draft, my story "If By Reason of Strength..," now stands at 11,100 words.  I have to do some proofreading to clean it up a bit, and then I plan on sending it out to the group tomorrow.

I should mention that Kelly was incredibly patient with me this evening.  Knowing that I wanted to finish this story up tonight, she made us grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, and then sent me upstairs to the office to work in peace and solitude for three plus hours.

I feel great right now.  There’s no high quite like that of finishing a story you are proud of.


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