I felt productive at work today!

I spent the entire day working on SQL stored procedures for importing data.  Pretty routine work, but I did some innovative validation stuff, that should make it easier for a person to validate the data that gets imported into the database.  I was in good flow and both the morning and the afternoon flew by.

I’m home now and setting my sights on getting my next assignment done for the writing workshop.  Week three is on setting so I’m sitting the comfy chair in the family room, surrounded by dining cats, with my laptop and workshop book.  Earlier today I had some insight into how the new version of the story will unfold and I think that will help with the writing of the next scene.  But I’ve got some chapters to read first.

No mail when I checked a little while ago, but that may be because it hasn’t been delivered yet.

Nearly 130 pages through Vinge’s Rainbow’s End, and I’m finding myself both amused and entertained by it.  It was tough not to use this hour or so before Kelly calls to just read more, rather than do workshop stuff.


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