Writing workshop

I have finally bitten the bullet and joined a writer’s workshop. I researched it a bit and then finally decided to join Critters because it came highly recommended, because it focuses on science fiction, fantasy and horror, because the automation makes it easy to submit stories, and finally, because they have very fair rules for submitting manuscripts and critiquing other people’s manuscripts.

Writing is a lonely business. Most of my friends are not writers (that I know of) and tend to ask about or read my stories only because they feel an obligation to do so. (I can understand this, especially if genre fiction is not your thing.) At last I’m putting myself out there with a group of hundreds of people who are trying to do what I do, in a community that is, in theory, set up for our mutual benefits. For my part, it means I need to commit to one or two critiques of other people’s stories per week, but that’s fine. That is how you learn to improve your own stuff.

So I signed up today and got a confirmatin message indicating that I should get my membership materials within a few days. I’m looking forward to it. Stay tuned.


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