Revisions complete!

Early this morning, I completed the revisions of “The Golden Watch”, read through them, was satisfied with them, and send the revised manuscript back to the editor. Now I just wait and see.

Sort of. I’ve actually got some additional projects. I am going to be applying to Viable Paradise writer’s workshop. The deadline is June 30, but I’ve read that the earlier you apply the better your chances of being accepted. Application began being taken in January so I’m halfway through the period. I’ve already got what I am submitting, but I need to make sure it’s in good enough shape. Since I am submitting a few chapters of a novel, I also need to put together an outline to go along with it.

In addition, I’ve got another short story (novella, really) that I’m working on, and would like to make more progress on. I’ll tackle that after the workshop submissions process.

And I’ve got a nice little backlog of ideas to work off of once that’s done.

It’s about time I picked up the pace on this whole writing thing, eh?


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