Reasonable conclusions?

I leave my house at 4:55 AM each morning and head to the metro station to take the train into work. Yesterday morning, in the space of 2 minutes, I saw three people blatantly break the law. First, the car in front of me never even stopped at the stop sign at Riverdale Road. I’m not even sure they stepped on their brakes. Then, at the corner of Baltimore Avenue and East West Highway, I watched as two cars, coming from opposite direction each ignored the red left-turn arrows they had and made the turns anyway, without seemingly any hesitation. One was a taxicab.

Granted it was 5 AM and there were almost no other cars on the road. And yet it makes me wonder: what reasonable conclusions can I draw from this behavior?

Were the drivers this careless because there were no other cars on the road?

Or did they think it was okay to break the law because they wouldn’t get caught at 5 AM?

I know little stuff like this shouldn’t bother me, but it does. The cynical conclusion I tend to draw from this is that if no one is watching, it’s okay to break the law, and the rules of the road are just the most obvious example of this. I have to ask myself, if a person is willing to break the law when no one is looking at them drive, when else are they willing to break the law? Will they cheat on their taxes because they think they won’t get caught? Will they steal cable from the cable companies because, hey, it’s a big company and they can afford it? Is there a line?

Do they even think there is anything wrong with what they are doing?


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