Workout #54 (cardio)

Up at 4:30 AM and there was a sheet of ice outside from the icing and freezing rain all night. It was bad. I left for the metro station and my car made it only halfway up a small hill (there had been no plowing yet). I lowered the gear, backed up slowly and took a different route. It took me 15 minutes to go 1.5 miles, but I got their safely and without incident (fortunately, there were not a lot of cars on the roads). The trains were running about 15 minutes late so I still managed to catch the Yellow Line all the way in. But I didn’t get to the gym until just after 6 AM.

40 minutes on the elliptical this morning. I tried pushing myself again on cardio this morning and managed 575 calories, and a distance of 3.07 miles. I reached a peak RPM of 100. My pace was a record 84 RPM. After cardio, there was no time for any more workout because I’d gotten in late and needed to head into work.

There are 70 cardio machines at the gym and there are typically 10-15 available at 6 AM. This morning, I was one of three people using the machines. When I finished, there were 4 of us. That’s how bad this ice storm was. I’m surprised our office wasn’t closed. The government is opening late today and the schools are closed. The roads are awful.

The only reason I came in was because I didn’t want to miss my early morning workout. I guess that’s called “hardcore”.


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