A Tuesday morning rant about school closures

After that gorgeous 75-degree weather on Friday, last night we had ice and snow and I woke up this morning to 1/8th of an inch of snow. You read that right. One-eight of an inch of snow. If you’re on the metric system, that’s about 2 or 3 millimeters. We got ready for work and got the Z-man ready for school as we always do–and then discovered that the Z-man’s school was opening 2 hours late because of the weather.

Seriously? For 1/8th of an inch of snow? Has the algorithm really become: open one hour late for each 1/16th of an inch of snow we get? Granted, according to Kelly, the reason they gave was that they wanted to make sure the sidewalks were clear and safe, but still: the roads are clear and they couldn’t have someone come in a little early to clear the sidewalks off?

Snow closures around here are pretty crazy. A rumor of snow will close some schools even if a single flake doesn’t fall. I understand the need for keeping the kids safe, but there is not even enough snow to cover the roads; I don’t have to clear off the car for lack of snow. To me this morning’s decision seems less like one of safety and more like one of laziness.


    1. Well, I a mean come on: it’s Albany. When I woke up this morning, Kelly asked how cold it was going to be. I checked and it was 24 degrees out.

      “Brrrr, that’s cold,” she said.

      “Well, we’re warmer than Eric and Ryane,” I said, “Current temperature in Albany is 6 F.”


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