Winter storm

We’ve been lucky so far an avoiding a major snow storm this year–and nothing like last year when we had a total of more than 70 inches of snow. But this evening, the snow started falling hard, and by my last count, I’d shoveled a total of 5 inches of heavy, wet snow in a period of 3 hours. I’ve been trying to stay ahead of the storm, and I’ve been out to shovel twice, clearing he steps in front of the house, and the sidewalk, and brushing the wet snow of our cars. I’m done with that for the night, but I also think hope that the snow is starting to slow and diminish.

More than likely, I’ll be working from home tomorrow and I’m all set up for that. The Little Man has been enjoying this storm. I heard him say “snow” for the first time tonight, and he would run to the window, point and say, “Snow, snow, snow!” (He also said his own name for the first time tonight, instead of saying “Baby”)

I’m obviously not going to the free-writing session the Arlington Writers Group is having tonight. Since the schools are closed, our normal meeting place (in a classroom) was unavailable and so people were meeting at a coffee shop, but it’s not worth going out into this weather. The street in front of our house isn’t even plowed yet and I’ve already seen one car get stuck.

I’ll probably call it another early evening. However, when I turn in tonight, with my August 1939 issue of Astounding, I’ll be turning to a story by a “new writer” by the name of Heinlein. Can’t wait to read that one!


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