3 hours of shoveling

Blizzard 2010

I was up just after 7 am eager to tackle the additional snow that fell overnight.  I had to make some repairs to the shovel  I screw had come out and a small crack had appeared.  Another screw and lots of duct tape took care of the problem.  Then I layered up and headed out.  The snow on the landing was so high that I had to force open the storm door!

Most of the top and outside-edge snow was heavy because it was pushed into place by the plow.  A dug a narrow channel to the street so that we could at least walk out of our place.  Next I tackled Kelly’s car.  I dug out the entire car.  I’d estimate that I shoveled around 130 cubic feet of snow just digging out her car.  That translates to 2,600 pounds or just over a ton of snow!

Next, I dug out the front of my car–the heaviest, wettest snow.  By the time that was done 3 hours had gone by!  At one point, the plow came by, but the driver was kind and did not block Kelly’s car back in.  In fact, he worked very hard to clear the road and avoid blocking in the car.

You can see what the result looked like (now more than an hour ago) by taking a look at the pictures above (click the image to see the full album).  The snow has intensified here in the last hour and is falling heavily right now.  But at least I got a pick head-start shoveling away old snow.  I did it in such a way that even if the plow covers my spot, it should be only with new snow, and since there is less new snow to come than has already fallen, I think we’re in good shape.

Now I’m going to take half a dozen Advil, crawl onto the couch next to the fireplace, and sleep.

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