Winter cleaning

I cleaned off my desk today.  I posted a picture of what it looked like earlier in the day on Facebook.  (I’m too lazy to post another one here.)  It might not sound like much but it is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.  When my mind gets cluttered, I often feel like cleaning my desk helps clear my mind.  I guess some people feel the same about meditation.

I worked from home today and got quite a bit done.  Once the snow started, I was out every two hours shoveling.  At first, it was to keep pace with the snow and then it was to keep pace with the plows that kept piling the old snow back up against our walkway and cars.  I’ve done a pretty good job.  The last time I went out was 10 pm and I would have been out longer had it not been for a technical glitch with the shovel.  A small repair is necessary and I’ll be out there again tomorrow morning.  Goodness knows how bad things will be, but I can’t imagine it will be nearly as bad as for those who haven’t even been out once to shovel yet.

No writing again today.  I’m going to wrap up the night tearing through more of Galileo’s Dream.

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