So far this winter season, I have calculated a total of about 64 inches of snow that has fallen in our area.  Now, even more snow is on its way.  Yesterday, it sounded as if we’d get an inch or two on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Early today it was upgraded to at least five inches.  Then it was 5-10 inches.  Then 8-12 inches.  The latest report has 10-20 inches of snow in our area beginning mid-afternoon tomorrow and continuing through late Wednesday.  10-15 inches is “likely” in our area.  And to top it off, blizzard conditions could be in affect, meaning more power-outages in the area.

So far, no word on weather the Federal Government will be closed, but I imagine there will be an announcement soon.  Most school districts are closed through at least Wednesday and more than likely, they will have to close for the week.  Kelly got out earlier this afternoon and stocked up on more staples to get us through this next storm.  But I don’t know how much more I can physically take.  Since getting our car out from under the tree, my back has been killing me.  And the thought of having to shovel another 10-15 inches of snow is filling me with a nameless dread.

To top things off, my work laptop is dead.  It won’t turn on.  I can do some work from my personal laptop, but my work laptop might as well be a block snow.  And there’s nothing I can do about it until I get back into the office.  And at this rate, who knows when I’ll get back into the office?

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