Storm Watch – February 2014

It is almost a tradition that we in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area get our big snowstorm of the year right around President’s Day weekend. This year is no exception. We are currently under a storm warning, whereby 5-8 inches of snow is due to fall tonight, with the potential for another 4-8 inches tomorrow.

Fairfax County public schools have already announced they will be closed tomorrow. My money is that the Federal Government will close, and since my company follows the Federal Government, my office will likely be closed as well. That just means I can work from home.

We are all set for the arrival of the storm. We have everything we need, we are fully stocked, and there is a nice, cozy feeling about being battened down together with your family in anticipation of the snow. In fact, since I started writing this post, the first snow has started to fall outside.

Overall, it is looking like we can get between 9-16 inches of snow. It will be interesting to see how much we actually get. I am going on the record and guess that we’ll have 8-10 inches outside our house by the time all is said and done.


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