Peaceful weekend, part 3

Labor Day!

I slept in later this morning than I did any other day of the weekend.  I didn’t get up until 8:20 AM.  Kelly had gotten up earlier, ate something, and then came back to bed for another 20 minutes.   Then we finally got up.  I had some toast and peanut butter for breakfast, and then did some reading until about 9:30.  Shortly thereafter, we headed out to Tyson’s Corner to do our ring shopping.

For nearly everything we’ve done for the wedding, we’ve been very decisive and made our decisions in mere seconds.  With rings, it took longer.  In fact, we visited 4 different places before finally both finding rings that we liked.  Once we found them, though, we were our usual decisive selves.  We purchased them on the spot.  In an odd coincidence, the ring I chose for me fit perfectly and required no sizing, so we were able to take it with us.  Kelly’s ring needed to be resized, and we should be able to pick it up on the 9th.

More relaxing when we got back from Tyson’s.  We ate lunch and then sat around waiting for Sarah and Jim to arrive.  Sarah was originally coming to pick up her bridesmaid dress, but we invited them to come over and hang out by the pool.  So once they were both here, we headed to the pool.   I was worried it would be way crowded, but it wasn’t.  Our pool has a lifeguard the entire time it is open.  Once an hour, for fifteen minutes, there is a break and everyone has to get out of the pool.  We stayed there for a little more than two full cycles.  The first cycle we spent sitting poolside and chatting.  The next cycle we spent entirely in the pool.  It was warm, 85 degrees in the water.  By the time the cycle was over, we were all wrinkled.

Back up to the house for drinks and snacks.  Sarah and Jim left shortly thereafter.  I grew sleepy.  Kelly kindly prepared dinner.  Scrambled eggs with peppers and mushrooms and cheese.  It was yummy.  We had Hersey’s Kisses for dessert.

After dinner we sat out on our balcony and enjoyed the cooling evening air.

We both head back to work tomorrow.  I’ve got a bunch of writing workshop stuff to do (I didn’t do any this weekend).  I’m about 100 pages through Rainbow’s End, and I’m enjoying it at this point.  It’s different.

I think our relaxing weekend was an overwhelming success!


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