It’s debatable

The blogsphere is full of talk about last night’s Vice Presidential debate.  I’ll try and briefly add my 2-cents:

  • It was a better debate than the first Obama/McCain debate because this one actually seemed more like a debate to me.  Occasionally, each candidate even address the issues.
  • I thought Biden’s answer on gay marriage and civil unions was a practical answer, given the temperament of the country.
  • Palin came across as way too back-country for me.  At one point, she referred to Wasilla as "main stream America".  With no offense intended to the people of Alaska, I find it hard to consider it "main stream", for the same reason I find it hard to consider Hawaii "main stream".  There are geographic challenges in both regions that make it different from the "lower 48".
  • Biden inflicted the most damage on foreign policy simply by sounding like he knew what the heck he was talking about.  Palin was cautious, vague, and when asked to respond, really didn’t offer much in the way of responses, which gave me the impression she was treading unfamiliar waters.

The guy who cut my hair this morning asked me if I watched the debates and then told me he did too and that the thought they were "a riot".  He said that Biden could never seem to make his point.  It made me wonder if he actually watched the debate.  Biden was there to tie McCain to push.  Did my barber miss this?  At times, it was so obvious that I don’t see how anyone could have missed it.  From what I’ve read this morning, most people feel that while the debate was more or less a tie, Biden and Obama have the overall advantage because they were in the lead going in.  I think I agree with that.
Not sure if I’m going to watch the next Presidential debate on Tuesday.  It depends on how busy I am preparing for the wedding.  And I’ll miss the last debate, but that’s okay.  I’ll be on my honeymoon.


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