Busy business trip

On Monday I head off to Santa Monica for a week, for work. I usually try and pack in as many lunches and dinners with friends and old coworkers as I can while I’m there. This time is no exception. I get into the office in Santa Monica around 10 AM on Monday (assuming everything is on time). Then the fun starts:

I have lunch with friends on Monday, followed by drinks with more friends Monday evening. Lunch with more friends on Tuesday followed by a working dinner Tuesday evening. Lunch with Cathy on Wednesday. Cathy is our department AA. The place would fall apart without her. Literally. Dinner with Jim and Janet Wednesday evening. As it happens, Thursday is still “open” for lunch. I don’t have particular plans that day. However, Thursday evening is a big group happy hour at El Cholo. (And later Thursday evening, Kelly gets into town.) Friday is lunch Beth, and Friday evening is dinner with Kelly and more of our friends. Saturday we’re having dinner with Mom and Dad. And there may be a brunch or two in there over the weekend before we head home Sunday afternoon.

At least I’ll get to spend a little time with each of the people that I no longer get to see very often, working on the east coast.


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