Itinerary for Santa Monica trip is firming up

As of this moment, I’ve got one kickball game to attend (assuming I get into L.A. in time), two lunches already scheduled, and three dinners. Plus and entire Saturday with some friends. That leaves three slots open for lunch, and three slots open for dinner. The lunches will fill up. Don’t know about the dinners.

That’s all squeezed in between 4 full days worth of Crystal Reports training classes. Hopefully, nothing churns an appetite like database reporting.

I’ve been having some problem with remote access to my office, but that was taken care of today (in theory). I’ll know more when I get home this evening, as it will be one of the first things that I’ll test.

Incidentally, I have a bad headache right now. Took some Advil about 40 minutes ago but they might as well have been placebos for all the good they’ve done.

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