The social animal

I am becoming more and more of a social animal. There are, for instance, Friday Happy Hours, of which I have become an enthusiastic participant. There is softball. There is my attendance at science fiction conventions and my participation in a writer’s group. Who’d of thunk it!

I was reminded of this when I looked at my lunch and dinner calendar for next week when I am in L.A. for work.

Tuesday, May 22
– Lunch updated: with Lisa
– Dinner: extended happy hour with about a dozen people

Wednesday, May 23
– Lunch: with the Applications team
– Cocktails: with the Applications team
– Dinner: with the Applications team

Thursday, May 24
– Lunch: with Beth
– Drinks: with Lisa (kruppenheimer)
– Dinner: with Lisa, Andy and Mandy

Friday, May 25
– Lunch (currently open)
– Dinner: with Jim and Janet

So I’ve got a lunch slot open Tuesday and Friday if there are any takers in the Santa Monica area. But act now; given how socially butterflyable I’ve become, these slots won’t last.


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