My L.A. itinerary

Tomorrow I fly to Los Angeles for my day job team’s annual planning retreat. I usually enjoy this trip because I get to see coworkers I only see once a year (I’m the only one on my team who works in the Washington office). I also get to see old friends that I don’t see very often. And I get to see family, too. This time, however, I almost wish I didn’t have to go. With Kelly pregnant and Zach a handful right now, I really just wish I could stay home. That being said, I’m already checked into my flight, which departs Dulles bright and early at 7am and I will be depending on my friends in L.A. to help keep the gloom away. Here, therefore, is my busy itinerary for my trip:


  • 7am: Fly to L.A.
  • Noon (PST): Lunch with Rob
  • 6pm: Dinner with Lisa


  • Day 1 of planning retreat
  • Noon: Lunch with Jim
  • 3pm: Bowling with the team
  • 6pm: Big Happy Hour at El Cholo


  • Day 2 of planning retreat
  • Noon: Lunch with Beth
  • 6pm: Retreat dinner with the team


  • Noon: Lunch with Cathy
  • 6pm: Dinner with Mom & Dad


  • 9am: Flight to Washington
  • Dinner at home with Kelly, Zach, Jen and Sadie


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