Oscar night

When I lived in L.A., it was fun to watch the Oscars. It was a Thing That People Did. There was a party atmosphere, like Superbowl Sunday. When I moved back east, that feeling started to fade. And over the years, as more and more movies that I felt deserved to win, didn’t, it became a bitter disappointment–like watching your home team make it to the series only to lose in 4 straight games.

These days, I don’t watch the Oscars and I don’t particularly care who wins or loses. I haven’t seen a single movie up for best picture and the only nominated film I have seen is the most recent Harry Potter. Maybe this is just a result of getting older. Maybe it is a result of having kids. I don’t know but movies today just don’t have the appeal they did a decade ago. I much prefer to watch movies on TCM, and even that I haven’t had time for.

Also, it seems to me that the Oscars are taking place earlier and earlier each year. It seems to me that when Silence of the Lambs won the Oscar, it took place right around my birthday, toward the end of March.

Ah well, if you are watching the Oscars tonight, enjoy them. I hope your movie wins.


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