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Flu shot

I got my flu shot this morning. I tried to be first in line, but I was second. Last year, I spent nearly an hour in line here at the office waiting to get the shot, and I don’t have that kind of time today. Interestingly, the price of the shot went up from $18 last year to $23 this year (a 27% increase)! In a way this makes me feel bad. There are lots of people out there who simply can’t afford $23 for a flu shot. Many of them don’t have insurance and so when they do get sick, it’s a problem. Meanwhile, here I am, free from the flu for the next season (allegedly).

I’m trying to keep my left arm moving around today so that the medication doesn’t sit in the muscle (which is what ends up making the muscle sore the next day).

And as it turns out, I used my very last check to pay for the flu shot. I ordered more checks last night, but hopefully, I won’t have to write another one for a while.

In celebration of the fact that today is Friday, I brought in donuts this morning for folks sitting around my area. I even had a few myself.


Suddenly, a lot seems to be happening. I got the remaining work on my big project at work organized today and now have milestones to hit each of the next 5 Friday’s beginning tomorrow. This is actually a good thing because it keeps me on track with what I am supposed to be doing.

Tomorrow, I get my flu shot for this season. It’s a service provided by my work and it costs $15. The thing is, they only take checks. They don’t even take cash. But checks? Who uses checks anymore? Now I have to dig up my checkbook and see if I actually have any checks left. I know I need to order more, but I can’t recall if I have any left.

Tomorrow evening is a happy hour, a bunch of people from work going out to a yet-to-be-decided-location and I’ve agreed to go, at least for a little while. Battlestar Galactica is on at 9 PM, but I no longer have to worry about that because I now have a machine that watches TV for me.

Saturday morning I have a 9 AM service appointment for my Saturn. Officially it’s the 105,000 mile service. I’ve been pretty good about bringing my car in every 3,000 miles since I bought it 10 years ago, but this time, I’ve gone a little more than 3,000 miles since my last appointment. Not too much, but I wanted to get it in for service before my drive up to New York next weekend.

I canceled my workout with Bernard tonight and rescheduled it for Tuesday evening. That makes Tuesday a busy day, overall. In addition to my Tuesday evening workout, I have to stop at the polls on the way home from work to vote in the elections. Also, I already have 3 hours worth of meetings on my calendar for Tuesday.

It’s as though a convergence of a bunch of little things is happening in a short span of time, making it seem like a whirlwind of activity, when really, it’s nothing short of mundane.