Flu shot

I got my flu shot this morning. I tried to be first in line, but I was second. Last year, I spent nearly an hour in line here at the office waiting to get the shot, and I don’t have that kind of time today. Interestingly, the price of the shot went up from $18 last year to $23 this year (a 27% increase)! In a way this makes me feel bad. There are lots of people out there who simply can’t afford $23 for a flu shot. Many of them don’t have insurance and so when they do get sick, it’s a problem. Meanwhile, here I am, free from the flu for the next season (allegedly).

I’m trying to keep my left arm moving around today so that the medication doesn’t sit in the muscle (which is what ends up making the muscle sore the next day).

And as it turns out, I used my very last check to pay for the flu shot. I ordered more checks last night, but hopefully, I won’t have to write another one for a while.

In celebration of the fact that today is Friday, I brought in donuts this morning for folks sitting around my area. I even had a few myself.


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