“Miserable” is one way to describe it

As I think I’ve said before, this can’t be the flu that I have. It can’t be the flu because I paid good money to get a flu shot to protect me from getting the flu, which I will continue to insist I don’t have from now to the end of time. What I do have is: a congested head, fever (complete with burning eyes, lavish fever dreams, etc.), various aches and pains, a sore, scratchy throat. All of which are classic symptoms of something that I clearly don’t have. I need a name for what I have.

I have decided to call it the “fluke”.

The fluke is like the flu in every way, except for the fact that it is not the flu, cannot be the flu, because if it were the flu, it would mean that the flu shot that I got was bad, didn’t work, was a dud. When one gets a flu shot, getting the flu thereafter would be the greatest of coincidences. It would, in fact, be a “fluke”. Thus the name.

Miserable is one way to describe it.

Annoying is another way to describe it. In any event, I’ve decided to stay home from work today, mainly because, well, I feel like crap and if I were to go into work, I’d feel like crap at work and more than likely make other people feel like crap by passing along this fluke to other fellow flu-shot recipients.

Has anyone ever noticed that the fever dreams are worse than the fever itself? Does anyone know why the brain behaves this way when the body temperature is slightly elevated? Do dreams get weirder as body temperature increases? Is the converse true? If my body temperature were to steadily drop below normal, does this mean by dreams would grow increasingly mundane? If so, then at some point the dreams should grow so normal as to be indistunguishable from reality. I wonder what that temperature would be? Am I the only one who thinks of these things? (You probably think that I have a fever right now, and you’d be right, but I assure you the fever has no impact on my thought process. This is the way I think, even fluke-free.)

It’s been a little over 5 hours since I last took NyQuil. Technically, you are supposed to take it every 6 hours, but what with the fever and the congestion, etc., I am going to bump it up a little and take it now. If it helps rid me of the fever dreams (which are far too elaborate to even attempt to describe) then it will be worth it for that reason alone.

Oh, and by the way, it’s been raining all night long.


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