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The continuing saga of the ear infection

When we last left this saga, I had recognized that I was, perhaps, having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that I’d been given and I stopped taking them. That was on Wednesday. As of yesterday (Monday) while my ear no longer hurt, it was still getting increasingly clogged and the ringing was getting worse. Yesterday, I decided to head back to the doctor. This time I was given a stronger antibiotic, one that is taken over 5 days instead of 10. I took the first dose last night and, while it might be my imagination, my ear is feeling noticeably better this morning. The doctor also gave me a hearing test  and sure enough, my hearing in my right ear is somewhat impaired at the 4000 HZ range because it is so clogged. Hopefully by Friday, everything will be back to normal.

And so far, no adverse reaction to the new antibiotic.

Yes, I am alive and I think I’m starting to feel better, maybe

This latest bout with the ear infection has to be the longest illness I’ve had in a very long time. I’ve been more or less out of commission since Saturday night, making today the fifth day, an unusually long period of time for me to be sick. I guess that comes with the territory as one approaches his forth decade.

I’m working from home today in order to avoid getting into the car while I still feel a bit dizzy. I’m not certain if the dizziness is a residual side-effect of my reaction to the antibiotics I was given or if it is related to my ear infection itself.

And regarding the antibiotics. I’m pretty certain that they are what I was having a bad reaction to and I’ve stopped taking them. Now, I know that antibiotics are supposed to be taken for their full course. I worked in a pharmacy when I was in high school and the pharmacist there made that very clear. Besides, I am well versed in biology, chemistry and biochemistry and I understand the reasons for this even if I hadn’t worked there. But I also know that you should STOP taking a medication if you find you are having an adverse reaction to them. The truth is I don’t think they were working anyway. The doctor told me that the infection might be viral and not bacterial in which case the antibiotics would be ineffective and I suspect that is the case. So I just have to let this thing run its course.

The most difficult part has been that this illness has messed with my concentration. I can’t read, and I can’t write mostly because I can’t focus and that incessant ringing in my ear doesn’t help. So I haven’t made any progress on my work-in-progress since December 1st. I’m hoping that will change this evening. I have also gotten very little reading done, with the exception of Action Comics #4, which I read last night and about which I will have more to say later.

So, I am alive and I’m improving but I’m not back to 100% quite yet. One thing is clear. I need to be in better shape. It was only a few years ago, back in the summer of 2007 that I was in what I think was the best shape of my life. How the mighty fall! I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution kind of person, but getting back into decent shape would be a worthwhile resolution. I’d start today if I wasn’t still feeling a bit lousy.

My sick day and why I make a bad sick person

I took a sick day from work today after struggling just to get through the day yesterday with this ear infection. I’d planned on feeling better today. Indeed, when I woke up this morning, I felt rested, like I’d had a full night’s sleep. I took my medication in the morning and all seemed well. My ear still ached a little and my throat was substantially more sore, but it takes a while for the medication to take effect.

By 9am, however, I started feeling bad again. The pain meds were working, but I’d accidentally taken them on an empty stomach and they made me queasy. Just turning my head was bad. Long story short, I spend from about 9am-6pm in bed. Probably two-thirds of that time I was sleeping. In many respects, this is my ideal situation when I’m sick because I’m a bad sick person. I like to just curl up under a blanket and be left alone until it all passes. With a family, of course, that’s much harder, but Kelly was a ministering angel today, getting the Little Man off to school and taking care of the Little Miss while I suffered away.

You see, illness makes me antisocial, to say nothing of grumpy and even melodramatic. I’m liable to complain loud and often about how lousy I feel. I don’t like it when others do this and I hate it when I do it–thus one reason I left being left completely alone.

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