The continuing saga of the ear infection

When we last left this saga, I had recognized that I was, perhaps, having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that I’d been given and I stopped taking them. That was on Wednesday. As of yesterday (Monday) while my ear no longer hurt, it was still getting increasingly clogged and the ringing was getting worse. Yesterday, I decided to head back to the doctor. This time I was given a stronger antibiotic, one that is taken over 5 days instead of 10. I took the first dose last night and, while it might be my imagination, my ear is feeling noticeably better this morning. The doctor also gave me a hearing test  and sure enough, my hearing in my right ear is somewhat impaired at the 4000 HZ range because it is so clogged. Hopefully by Friday, everything will be back to normal.

And so far, no adverse reaction to the new antibiotic.

One comment

  1. A persistent strain, whatever bacterium is plaguing you. Anecdote is not data, so I will not say that this is a sign of increasing resistance to antibiotics by the bacterial population, though.


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