Back to work… for now

I didn’t feel great when I woke up this morning, but I felt good enough to head into the office. I had no adverse reaction to the antibiotic last night, but I did note the the antibiotic and not the pain medication is to be taken with food, so maybe that’s what yesterday’s bout of queasiness was all about. I took both this morning after eating and we’ll see how things go. (I also have a steroid in ear drop form. Kelly has been giving these to me, but I did it myself this morning, using the front-facing camera on my iPhone as a mirror. My ear is still clogged and the ringing is still there, but I am am, at least, functional.

I arrived at the office just after 7am to discover the main reason in which I came in today–a meeting with me boss and grandboss–had been canceled. So I don’t know yet if I’ll be here all day or not. I’m taking it one hour at a time.



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