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Retreat, day 2

Beth and Megan (and Shakespeare’s) birthdays today so happy birthday everyone!

Up just before 6 AM and into the office by 6:30. Did some work on my “futures” presentation and then back to the retreat. Once again, meetings from 8 AM to 5 PM. Breakfast brought in. I was supposed to have lunch with Cathy but there wasn’t enough time because we went over. She seemed really disappointed but we arranged to have lunch tomorrow; I felt terrible, of course. Fortunately, I had flowers delivered to her for Administrative Support day, and hopefully those cheered her up some.

Good sessions again today, and long day. Dinner with Jim and Janet after, once again at the Galley (Jim heard it was good and didn’t know we’d gone there the night before, and I didn’t want to spoil it for them). Had the Australian lamb, which was outstanding. Got to talk with Jim and Janet for a while which was nice.

Was supposed to do a software upgrade tonight and had to abort due to some technical problems. We’ve rescheduled for Monday. Back to the hotel around 8:50 PM, checked the bar but still no Sambuca. Came back up to the room to put finishing touches on my “application support” presentation and them I’m off to bed.

Friday in Santa Monica

[Written on May 27 and backdated]

We had the second half of our “retreat” Friday morning. Overall, I think it was successful, but time will tell for sure. I had lunch with Derrick and Pam on Friday, which was fun. Our CIO let everyone go home at 3 PM in order to get a head start on the long holiday weekend. Seeing as how I was having dinner with Jim and Janet, however, I stuck around. I got some extra reading on CVS implementations done. We’ve been using CVS at work for some of our revision control, but we are looking at switching to it wholesale so that we only use a single system.

I did have dinner with Jim and Janet tonight. We went to Cezzane and it was very good, as usual. I got back to the hotel room by about 8 PM, packed up all of my stuff and headed off to bed early. I fly to Las Vegas tomorrow morning.

A hard day’s night

I went into work a little late this morning to catch up on sleep I missed by arriving in late last night. The rest of my day was not very productive. I was in meetings all day long.

I got a $50 iTunes gift card from Jim because I bought him dinner at the airport last night. That doesn’t make sense to me, and while it is awfully generous of him (the dinner was half as much), I can’t resist using it.

It warmed up here again. It’s in the upper 70s this evening, which is pretty weird for this point in October, especially since less than a week ago, I had frost on my windshield. Not that I’m complaining.

I have my first session with Bernard in 2 weeks tomorrow afternoon. I’ve really slacked off in the last couple of weeks and I need to get it together. It seems easier said than done.

And at the moment, I am Bored Beyond Belief!

Video iChat

I did a video iChat with Jim this morning. We used to do these more frequently but today was the first Sunday in quite a while that we’ve done it. You know what, it hasn’t lost it’s novelty yet. Jim lives in Ventura County, north of L.A. and it’s pretty cool to be able to sit for 20 minutes and talk, and be able to see each other. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often. Too bad more of my friends don’t have iChat and iSight cameras.

Santa Monica, Day 2

Long day today, and another night filled with crazy and intense dreams. I couldn’t remember the dream I had last night until dinner this evening when something Jim said triggered a memory of what the dream was about.

Today was the first day of the Crystal Reports training class and I think it went very well. We have a great instructor and the comments I’ve been hearing about the class so far are all positive.

In addition to that, other people, not me, were busy at work today because the email server in Washington was down all day. It is still down and from what I understand, will be back online around midnight. I was not fully effected by this because I can still read my email in UNIX (I’ve always been able to do this as a backup) but it was a pretty frantic place today even so.

Had lunch with Jason Allen and Enrique today, and had dinner this evening with Jim and Janet. We ended up at Wolfgang Puck Express on Third Street and afterward, did our ritual of looking at framed art on sale at–the name of the place slips my mind right now–oh, wait, Gallerie. We’ve done this three or four times in the past and it’s become a kind of tradition. Jim and Janet just dropped me off at the hotel and I’m writing this in bed. I’m beat.

I was planning to do some more writing tonight but I don’t think I could keep my eyes open. I was hoping to watch House but, fortunately, it’s not on tonight. The State of the Union address is being broadcast instead. I’m too tired to stay up and watch, and besides, I don’t expect that the President is going to say anything that will surprise me, although I could be wrong here.

Lisa invited me to play in a pickup game of kickball tomorrow after work, so I’m going to do that.

27 push-ups this morning. Still not willing to admit how many sit-ups I’m doing.

This journal entry marks the first full month of blogging for me–so far, so good.