Retreat, day 2

Beth and Megan (and Shakespeare’s) birthdays today so happy birthday everyone!

Up just before 6 AM and into the office by 6:30. Did some work on my “futures” presentation and then back to the retreat. Once again, meetings from 8 AM to 5 PM. Breakfast brought in. I was supposed to have lunch with Cathy but there wasn’t enough time because we went over. She seemed really disappointed but we arranged to have lunch tomorrow; I felt terrible, of course. Fortunately, I had flowers delivered to her for Administrative Support day, and hopefully those cheered her up some.

Good sessions again today, and long day. Dinner with Jim and Janet after, once again at the Galley (Jim heard it was good and didn’t know we’d gone there the night before, and I didn’t want to spoil it for them). Had the Australian lamb, which was outstanding. Got to talk with Jim and Janet for a while which was nice.

Was supposed to do a software upgrade tonight and had to abort due to some technical problems. We’ve rescheduled for Monday. Back to the hotel around 8:50 PM, checked the bar but still no Sambuca. Came back up to the room to put finishing touches on my “application support” presentation and them I’m off to bed.


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