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Friday in Santa Monica

[Written on May 27 and backdated]

We had the second half of our “retreat” Friday morning. Overall, I think it was successful, but time will tell for sure. I had lunch with Derrick and Pam on Friday, which was fun. Our CIO let everyone go home at 3 PM in order to get a head start on the long holiday weekend. Seeing as how I was having dinner with Jim and Janet, however, I stuck around. I got some extra reading on CVS implementations done. We’ve been using CVS at work for some of our revision control, but we are looking at switching to it wholesale so that we only use a single system.

I did have dinner with Jim and Janet tonight. We went to Cezzane and it was very good, as usual. I got back to the hotel room by about 8 PM, packed up all of my stuff and headed off to bed early. I fly to Las Vegas tomorrow morning.


I had the main day of my work-related “retreat” yesterday. We got started at 8 AM sharp and finished up just before 9 PM. I felt like a limp noodle when it was all over. Sitting around in a conference room all day and talking can be extremely draining. We were well-fed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it was still a long, tiring day.

We have the second part of our retreat tomorrow (Friday) from 8 AM – noon.

There was some light at the end of the tunnel, however. The Yanks beat the Red Sox to take 2 out of 3 from them in the recent series.

I got back to the hotel at 9 PM, went right to bed and slept in late. I didn’t get up until 6 AM and I skipped the gym this morning.

El Cholo

So last night, after work, a bunch of us headed over to El Cholo for an extended happy hour. Me and Pam and Will headed over. We were met there eventually, by Rita, Carol, Cord, Jon, Michelle, Lisa, Carmen and possibly others that I am forgetting about at the moment.

It was lots of fun. I forgot how good the margaritas are at that place–certainly the best I’ve ever had. People wandered in and out. I’m not sure what time I left, but I think it was around 9 PM. I walked with Lisa, Michelle and Carmen to P.F. Chang’s where we had dinner. I have only vague recollections of this. After dinner, Lisa and Michelle caught a cab. I walked Carmen back to her hotel and then walked by to my hotel.

I drank half a liter of water and went to bed.

Even so, I was up at 5 AM this morning and did a light cardio workout. And I was into the office just after 6 AM. I have an all-day “retreat” today so my updates will be pretty infrequent.

Early morning

(4:49 AM PT). I was up at 4 AM and just couldn’t sleep and longer. I lingered around in bed for 40 minutes and finally had enough, got up, and got ready for my workout. I’m eating my protein bar and banana as I write this . I’m going to head to the fitness center in 15-20 minutes and hope that they remembered to open it up early. I’ve got an upper body workout today. No idea how good the fitness center here is, but I guess I’ll find out.

I got the programming schedule for Balticon today and I’m looking through it, trying to decide what events I want to attend.

Busy day today. Aside from work, I’ve got lunch with kruppenheimer and then happy hour/dinner with a bunch of work people.

In L.A.

I got into L.A. on time this evening. I had to wait a while for my luggage, but once I had it, it was a quick taxi ride to the hotel. I’m checked in, ran over to the local market to get some water, a banana and energy bar for the morning. The fitness center doesn’t open until 6 AM but the desk person told me she’d have security open it at 5:30 AM for me. The banana and energy bar are so that I can eat something before my workout, since the restaurant doesn’t open until 6:30 AM.

First time in L.A. since October, my longest stretch with no visits in 5 years.

I’m off to bed.