El Cholo

So last night, after work, a bunch of us headed over to El Cholo for an extended happy hour. Me and Pam and Will headed over. We were met there eventually, by Rita, Carol, Cord, Jon, Michelle, Lisa, Carmen and possibly others that I am forgetting about at the moment.

It was lots of fun. I forgot how good the margaritas are at that place–certainly the best I’ve ever had. People wandered in and out. I’m not sure what time I left, but I think it was around 9 PM. I walked with Lisa, Michelle and Carmen to P.F. Chang’s where we had dinner. I have only vague recollections of this. After dinner, Lisa and Michelle caught a cab. I walked Carmen back to her hotel and then walked by to my hotel.

I drank half a liter of water and went to bed.

Even so, I was up at 5 AM this morning and did a light cardio workout. And I was into the office just after 6 AM. I have an all-day “retreat” today so my updates will be pretty infrequent.


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