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Happy 39th Anniversary, Mom & Dad

Today is my parent’s 39th wedding anniversary–or as I like to call it, their “Jack Benny” anniversary.

It’s funny, really, how people never want to share their age, once they are older than, say, 39 years; and yet these same people are so proud of how many years they have been married. Next year is my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary and it will be interesting to hear them tell people that they’ve been married 40 years, but they are only 39 years old. I’m sure many people will believe them.

Thirty-nine years is an inconceivably long amount of time to me, literally. I still have several years to go before my 39th birthday and therefore have not yet physically experienced the passing of 39 years. But it is an interesting number for several reasons. First of all it’s equivalent to 13 x 3. Now thirteen has always been considered an unlucky number. And of course, we all know what the number three represents: in baseball, three strikes and you’re out! It would therefore seem that 3 x 13 could not possibly be a “lucky” number, but I think it is. Just like multiplying two negative numbers in mathematics give you a positive number, multiplying two unlucky numbers in superstition, always results in a lucky number.

Interestingly enough, if my calendar is correct, July 10, 1967 was also a Monday.

39 years also represents just over 14,000 days, or about 342,000 hours. Now, assuming you sleep 8 hours a night, work 8 hours a day, commute an hour each day, and spend about an hour or so each day in the bathroom, that leaves just 6 hours in each day where you are not doing anything. In that sense, if we measured anniversaries based on the amount of time you spend together outside of work, and sleep, etc., it would only amount to one quarter of the total time my parent’s have actually been married. In this case, my parents could tell people that they are 39 years old, and that they have been married for just about 10 years. Of course, all three of their children are more than twice ten years old, and that could be awkward…

I can’t say too much more, lest I have nothing to say for their 40th anniversary next year. Incidentally, one’s 40th anniversary is also known as one’s “Ruby” anniversary, which works out perfectly, since Ruby is my niece’s name. I think this means that as a present next year, my parents get to spend their entire anniversary day with their granddaughter.

So let me just be the first to say, in a blog, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MOM AND DAD!

Dinner with Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad got to the hotel right on time, at almost precisely 5:30 PM. We headed over to Ocean Avenue Seafood shortly thereafter. I got to see (and ride in) Dad’s new Acura, which I think is the same color as Norm’s Acura, and the same model, too, minus the navigation unit. While Norm’s car has a name (Samantha), I don’t know if Dad has given a name to his car yet. He didn’t mention one and I forgot to ask.

The food was good. Not quite as good as the last time I was there (no Copper River salmon), but I did have the New Zeland king salmon and that was prepared in a similar fashion and was very good. Dad had the red snapper with something with an unusual name hidden beneath the fish. Mom had a crab salad which looked good. I had two mai-tai’s while I was there and those, combined with the two Corona’s I had with Andy and Joel have me feeling pretty good at this point.

I am also tired, however. I’ve gotten into bed (it’s 8 PM here on the West Coast) and I’m going to do a little bit of writing on a new story inspired by Lisa which I’m calling “Blind Date”, and then read a little more of The Best of Barry N. Malzberg, and then I’m off to sleep. When I’m here in Santa Monica, the hotel in which I am staying is virtually across the street from where I work so I can actually sleep in a little later than usual.

For some reason, I can’t seem to stop giggling to myself. Does this ever happen to anyone else after 2 Coronas and 2 Mai Tai’s?

One of those non-stop days…

I realized that it was one of those non-stop days today when it glanced at the time and it was 2 PM and I hadn’t even thought about eating lunch yet. I spent the morning hip-deep in code, trying to make something work with SQL triggers that has no business working, and yet I managed to convince it otherwise. Then I sat through a great 10 minute meeting. Problem is the meeting went on for another twenty minutes.

By the time I got back to my office, I had heard back form a vendor I am working with to schedule some training, and so I then spent several hours trying to obtain conference rooms for 4 days of training at the end of the month. Meetings are out of control. I had to beg and borrow in order to convince people to shift meetings around so that I could get conference rooms for four consecutive days. And not even the same rooms! Do all companies have these problems when it comes to conference rooms? Do we really need all these meetings? I’m reminded of something I once heard on KNX radio in L.A.:

A meeting is a place where minutes are taken and hours are lost.

It just seems as thought there is something wrong with the world when the time it takes to schedule a meeting exceeds the time of the meeting itself.

Somehow, I was then bombarded by email and it seemed like every message demanded an immediate response. I counted (come on, let’s face it, you know me by now) and in a two and a half hour span, I sent or replied to something like forty email messages. Productive work slipped away. I wrote one line of code, answered two email messages, wrote another line of code, answered three more email messages.

But I finally made it out the door. Switching trains on Mount Vernon Square, the Green Line that game by had an “isolated” car (that means that the car was closed, you had to use other). What this really means is that it was a crowded train by Washington Metro standards. In the 3-1/2 years I’ve been taking the metro, I’ve ridden on trains with isolated cars three times; two of those time have been in the last month.

I was finally able to relax when I got home. I finished up Foundation’s Fear and will start on Foundation and Choas tomorrow. Spoke to Mom, Dad and Doug on the phone this evening.

No need to pack a lunch tomorrow; I’m having lunch with A.J.

Best of all: tomorrow is my “Friday”. I’m heading up to Albany this weekend (a 4-day weekend for me) to see Eric and Ryane and so I took Friday off.

Now, going to watch a Sopranos episode and then off to bed.