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Okay, here are some photos from the first few days of my trip. I’ve still got tons more to post, but this should be a decent start:

Munich and Venice Day 1 (32 pictures)

Venice Day 2 (64 pictures)

Leaving Venice/The Walls of Dubrovnik (268 pictures)

First formal night and a day of rest for me (18 pictures)

I head to the airport in about half an hour, on my way to London. More pictures later.

Pictures from this weekend

Lazy Saturday Afternoon
Originally uploaded by jamietr.

Eric requested that I post some pictures from this weekend, so here are some pictures from this weekend. Most of the pictures are from “game night” Saturday night, but there are a few others. All pictures are courtesy of Norm (of vickyandnorm fame). To be honest, I stole them from his Kodak Gallery. There are some more pictures there if you are really that interested.

First flickr photoset

This morning, I uploaded my photos from jen_ashlock and Jason’s wedding last October. I did it to see how easy (or hard) it was to get them uploaded and tagged. It turned out to be very easy, Those interested can take a look at the photoset They even have a cool feature that allows you to map where the photos were taken. Now that I know how easy it is, I will be uploading more photosets of the next week or so. The nice think about flickrPRO is that there is no storage limits, just bandwidth limits and I don’t think I will exceed those limits in a given month.

New flickr account for photos

I finally caved in and signed up for a flickr account for managing my photos. I was convinced to use flickr over other services for serveral reasons, primarily that it integrates seemlessly with LiveJournal, and it is much easier to organize and maintain photos and photosets.

I uploaded one photo before going to bed this evening, but eventually, I’ll get a good chunk of my photos up there so that they are viewable to friends and family. Of course, my photos don’t come close to the artistic skill as those of, say, strausmouse, nor are my captions as witty as those of vickyandnorm. But I now have a final resting place for my photos, unlimited storage, and it only cost me $25 for the year!