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Off to bed

Okay, so I’m 2 minutes late, but I’m really off to bed now. I completed the revisions that I needed to make. In order to address the various issues, the story grew by about 900 words. Tomorrow, I’ll read through the whole thing and see if there is anything else I can cut, but for now, I am pretty pleased with the way I handled the issues. I think I was able to address all of them and improve the story at the same time.

Story revisions

I spent the last two hours working on revisions to a story and I am about halfway done with them. They are a little trickier than usual because I have to make some small changes earlier in the story that have bigger impacts toward the end. But I felt like I made some good progress so far. I’m quitting for tonight and will work on it some more tomorrow evening. I’ve got to eat dinner now, and then pack up my lunch and head off to bed.