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Happy 11th anniversary Rich and Tricia!

Rich and Tricia (dear friends from college) celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary today. I was Rich’s best man in their wedding (the second time I’d performed that duty) and going back to my diary entry from 11 years ago today, it is one the longest entries that I’ve got, taking up nearly 4 pages of small print. (It was the first Catholic wedding I’d ever been to, the services of which are notoriously long, and so perhaps my diary mirrored the wedding in that respect.)

I can’t believe that it’s been 11 years! It means that this coming September, I will have known Rich and Tricia (and Dan and Megan) for 17 years! Incredible!



It was approximately 16 years ago today that I first met Dan and Shannon and Rich and Tricia, when I moved into the D1-East hall of the Aberdeen-Inverness dorm at U. C. Riverside. If I was a newborn on the day that we all met, I would be about to get my drivers license today!

In a similar note, it was approximately 19 years ago today that I first met strausmouse and Andy at Former President Grover Cleveland Humanities “School Without Walls” Magnet High School. (I think I met Norm and Lisa a little later, and I first met AJ more than a year later). Who would have thought that 19 years later, both Eric and I would be living on the East coast, and that Norm would be living in Nanuet, right around the corner from where my Grandparents lived for 30 years?

Rich’s graduation

I left work a little early yesterday so that I could get up to Baltimore for Rich’s graduation from the St. Agnes’ residency program in surgery. Rich completed 5 years of the residency program, and was one of three chief residents who graduated this year.

Rich’s mom was in town for the graduation, as were Tricia’s mom and dad.

The graduation itself was held at the Maryland Club, a private club in downtown Baltimore of the type featured in the 1980’s Eddie Murphy movie Trading Places. Inside the club was rather sumptuous. Lots of dark mohagany, and animals heads lined the walls. There was an open bar. Most of the people attending (perhaps 150 people) were doctors and their spouses.

The graduation dinner lasted from 7:30 until about 11 PM. It included speeches by all three of the chief residents. Ironically, the two other chief’s were both woman and got through their speeches barely shedding a tear. Rich, on the otherhand, who spoke last, grew quite emotional, but he deserved it because he worked incredibly hard to get that far. I was honored just to be there.

Incidentally, Rich and Tricia headed back to L.A. today after more than 5 years in Baltimore. Rich was accepted into a one year laproscopy fellowship at USC, after which he will be serving 3-1/2 years in the United States Air Force as a surgeon.

Another DC tour

Rich, Tricia, Gabby and Rich, Jr. came by at about 1:30 PM and picked me up. Rich’s mom was in town too, as was his newphew, and we headed to the metro station and then downtown. They wanted a quick tour and that’s what we did: The Mall, a few exhibits at the Musuem of American History, the World War II Memorial. By that time, the wind was picking up and the kids were getting tired, so we headed over to Union Station and had dinner at Capital City Brewery. They dropped me off back here at home about 20 minutes ago. It was fun, and it was good to see them. They’re heading back to L.A. this summer because Rich got a laproscopy fellowship at USC, so I’m glad I got to see them before they head back.

Mom called me while I was downtown and told me that she got her new MacBook today. I called her back when I got home this evening to get some more details.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, THE NEW YORKER, and AOPA PILOT all arrived in the mail today and I am so far behind on all of them, but especially SCIAM that it’s really embarassing to think about.